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Picture of the Founder of Liquid Dyet

Casey has always been a creative at heart, a person who loves to express herself through unique beauty and fashion choices.

Her motto is "Creatively Inspired to Inspire others" and she founded Liquid Dyet Vegan Nail Polish to empower women to express their inner beauty through their outer appearance. She believes that taking care of your nails is an act of self-care and self-love. 

Liquid Dyet Vegan Nail Polish was birthed out of Casey's own nail care journey. Her healthy nails began to struggle due to use of no chip products and the painful removal process. She wanted to use products that she could express herself with and have a peace of mind using the products. Casey did her research and was able to find products that she loved and had a peace of mind in. Casey knew there were other women out there that have a similar story and wanted to offer what she had to them and so Liquid Dyet Vegan Nail Polish was launched.

Casey hopes to inspire people to Be Bold, Be Bright, and Be BeYOUtiful through their creativity, and self-expression while on their nail care journey!